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Erin Kern

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, E-book, Contemporary Romance

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Dear Reader,

I first drove through southern Wyoming with my family in 1994, the summer before I started my freshman year of high school. As a “cool,” and I use this term loosely, teenager, the rolling hills and vast openness of that part of the country did little to impress me. It wasn’t until 2006, crammed in the backseat of an SUV with my cantankerous 18 month old, was I able to appreciate that beauty of wildflowers giving way to red canyons.

Then, somewhere in between Rawlins and Laramie, did the idea of Trouble hit me. The name came from my daughter Hannah, who’d spent the better part of our drive trying to get out of her car seat, then voicing her displeasure when we ignored her. Hence the word “Trouble.”

Before I continue with this, I have a confession to make: I’m one of those people who watches the mindless entertainment shows. You know, what Kim Kardashian had for breakfast and other important things that have no bearing on the real world. Yeah, that’s me. As a typical writer, I hear stories and my mind instantly wanders. Mostly “what if” stuff.  And it’s those “what if’s” that have turned into 400-page books. “Looking for Trouble,” to be specific.

What if a world-famous socialite got tired of the limelight?

What if said world-famous socialite left her life behind?

What if she actually gave everything up to start her life over? In Wyoming of all places?

Would a socialite actually do that?           

I wanted to create a world where a trust-fund baby would do the unthinkable: Leave her inheritance behind to start over in the middle of nowhere.

Looking for Trouble evolved from there, along with Avery Price, the quintessential trust-fund baby looking for a fresh start.

Wyoming seemed like the perfect setting for Avery: The night to her day and offering the anonymity someone like her needed.

Noah McDermott, the oldest of five, is the sort of quiet, brooding male I think all of us females have secret fantasies about. He’s big and dominant but has a heart of gold and would give anyone his last dollar if they needed it. I just knew he was the sort of hero that would make Avery look twice, even if he is a bit rough around the edges. The two are like oil and water, but they need each other even if they don’t know it right away. They have what the other one needs, what the each of them is missing out of life: something that gives them a sense of purpose; something that is real in a world where each of them have become jaded.

Though she doesn’t know it, Noah is exactly the man that forces Avery to confront her life, instead of running away from it.

And Avery is the woman that puts the spark back in Noah’s once dull life.

Happy Reading!

- Erin Kern

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