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Each time I start a story, someone in my family meddles with it. When I wrote my first medieval romance, Lord of the Keep, I wanted to visit a spot in England and research the setting for my warrior lord. My family, however, wanted to detour and visit the ancient city of York. In York, my daughter drew me to a weaving and spinning demonstration. Fascinated, I watched the women at their craft. In that moment, Lord of the Keeps heroine metamorphosed from a noble woman to a humble weaver. I might not have stopped without my daughters entreaty. (She was dragging me toward two little girls having their hair braided, but thats another story.)

LORD OF THE MIST started out at the Bishop of Lincolns castle near Newark. My mother thought I should have used my fathers birthplace of Portsmouth. I shrugged her off. I was going to use the bishops castle. Instead, my research led me to Portsmouth Harbor and back in time a dozen years.

In LORD OF THE MIST, youll find my hero at Ravenswood Manor in a castle of my own creationembroiled in a story of love and jealousy, betrayal and honor. But he will go to Portsmouth, tugged there by my mother. Hell stand at the water gate of Portchester Castle just as you can if you ever visit.

What of the fine lady Id planned for Durand? She was swept off the page while I helped my daughter make gifts of potpourri and soap for my family. Her replacement, Cristina, is another humble woman who crafts sweet scents and love potions for the ladies of Lord Durands keep.

So where will my next historical romance go? Id like it to go to the Bishop of Lincolns castle at Newark, but with my history, Ill probably end up in the Scottish highlands, home to my mothers side of the family, which my two sisters think I sadly neglect.

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