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Judith Arnold

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Judith Arnold Finds Love Among Bagels and Lox in her NY Deli-Style Romantic Comedy LOVE IN BLOOM'S

One morning, my agent phoned me and said, "I dreamed about you last night." I was taken aback—he's a happily married man! But then
he explained, "I dreamed you wrote a book about Zabar's."

My agent lives and works in Manhattan, and I'm a native New Yorker, so I knew what he was talking about. Zabar's is a renowned kosher-style food emporium on Manhattan's Upper West Side. It's huge, with an astonishingly varied inventory. People come from all over the world to shop there.

But I don't write books about delicatessens. I write romance novels.

Then I got to thinking: why not write a romance novel set in a deli?

Welcome to Bloom's—a world-class kosher-style food emporium on Manhattan's Upper West Side, owned and operated by the Bloom family, a meshuggenah crew of schemers, lovers, mavens and slackers ruled by Ida Bloom, the family's stubborn, stern matriarch.

When Ida's son Ben, who has been managing Bloom's, dies unexpectedly (of food poisoning, naturally), Ida needs to find a new president to run the deli. She chooses granddaughter Julia, a smart, ambitious attorney who has
spent her entire life trying to avoid getting sucked into the
family business.

Poor Julia. She knows nothing about how to run a deli. Her typical breakfast is a stale doughnut, not a fresh bagel. She's involved with a law firm colleague who dresses in Armani and prefers sushi to lox. Her sister, Susie, is living a bohemian life as a poet and pizzeria waitress in SoHo while lusting after the bagel maker at Bloom's. Their widowed mother is trying to keep their uncle from taking over Bloom's and running it into the ground. Meanwhile,
merchandise is unaccountably disappearing from the shelves, and an irresistibly sexy journalist from Gotham Magazine is investigating the store's finances in search of a scandal. Reporter Ron Joffe could destroy Julia's family and the business that has sustained three generations of Blooms, yet he makes Julia feel things she's never felt with any other man.

Writing LOVE IN BLOOM'S was great fun. I particularly enjoyed spending time with sisters Julia and Susie Bloom. They're utterly different yet unimaginably close, both of them struggling to make sense of life, love and imported olive prices.

LOVE IN BLOOM'S teems with laughter, passion and food. A romance novel set in a deli can be absolutely delicious!

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