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A Love to Cherish

When T.J. McAllister asks top notch Pinkerton detective Casey Walker to find his grandson and his "unfit mother," Casey, in desperate need of funds to clear his brother of murder charges, sets out to nab Belle McAllister.

Young widow Belle knows her powerful father-in-law wants custody of her five-year-old son. McAllister says Belle used a whore's trick to marry his only son and blames her for his death. With her background against her (her adoptive mother Naomi, a flamboyant madam, raised her in a whorehouse), Belle takes her child and flees, starting over under an assumed name.

Casey finds Belle running a miners' kitchen in Placerville, California. She's nothing like what T.J. McAllister described. Casey learns that she's a devoted mother and trusts him with her secrets, and he feels guilty for what he has been paid to do. But no matter how much Casey wants to abandon his mission, his brother still languishes in prison. Even as passion rages, Casey's deception explodes in disaster.

As this story unfolded, I was surprised I had a full-blown murder mystery on my hands. But doesn't a good detective solve mysteries? Despite deception and remorse, Casey and Belle's love can't be denied. You'll also meet Naomi, Belle's Chinese bodyguard Wan Yo, and Casey's brother Mark. Only after the mystery is solved will Casey be free to love the woman he cherishes more than life itself.

Next up is a Western series. Despite their intentions, the bullheaded, dead-set-against-marriage Delaney brothers- Pierce, Chad and Ryan-each find their soul mates when they least expect it.

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