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Love Me Tomorrow

You've often heard the phrase "love with a proper stranger," This ever-so-fitting phrase describes my proper stranger-wagon train scout Rafe Morrisey-in Love Me Tomorrow, a trail West love adventure.

Maggie Dumont, a rather pampered debutante, is unaccustomed to the kind of life a woman leads on the trail West. Because of painful problems with his father, Maggie's wealthy husband Edward Dumont heads to California in 1850 to build his own career by selling supplies to gold-mining towns.

But Edward Dumont carries a terrible secret that begins to erode the marriage. When faced with the dangers and hardships of the trail West, Maggie becomes torn between duty to her disinterested husband and passionate feelings for Rafe, who could be her only chance for true happiness.

Forced into an unfamiliar life of hardship, Maggie Dumont discovers inner strength and courage she never knew she possessed, and the journey West transforms her into a spirited pioneer woman who discovers she can never again be happy living the life of comforts and luxuries she once knew...or with the husband who has become a stranger to her.

Love Me Tomorrow will be in stores by Christmas, a perfect stocking stuffer for a cold winter night!

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