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To Love a Stranger

TO LOVE A STRANGER is my very first Avon Romantic Treasure. Better yet, it's the first book of a trilogy featuring the Delaney brothers from Dry Gulch, Montana. Wild and rowdy Pierce Delaney and his two brothers are notorious there for attracting all kinds of trouble. Now a misunderstanding involving a false charge by a woman forces Pierce to flee the vigilantes. With a bullet in his back, Pierce takes refuge in Zoey Fuller's root cellar. Zoey finds Pierce and nurses him back to health...but she has an ulterior motive.

Zoey's problems are nearly as pressing as Pierce's. She needs a husband in order to foil the schemes of a thieving banker who wants both Zoey and her ranch. Zoey doesn't trust Pierce after learning the terrible crime he's been charged with, but her choices are limited. She delivers an ultimatum to Pierce: either he agrees to a short term marriage or she'll turn him over to the vigilantes. Unable to leave his bed, Pierce is caught between a rock and a hard place.

Pierce agrees to the marriage but secretly plans to dump Zoey after he's repaid her for saving his life. He also intends to consummate his marriage with the spirited, headstrong lady who prefers denim pants and flannel shirts to more feminine attire. But as Pierce begins to heal under Zoey's tender care, Zoey begins to recognize the true charm and character of the man she married. Before long the hot kisses they share turn into burning passion. Unfortunately fate steps in and nearly destroys the fragile thread of love growing between Pierce and Zoey.

Greedy banker Samson Willoughby, however, discovers Pierce's secret and Pierce soon finds himself facing the business end of a rope.

The book is filled with many surprises and unexpected twists that I don't want to give away here. You'll also get to know Pierce's two brothers, Chad and Ryan. Chad's story, TO TAME A RENEGADE, will follow in October '98.

I enjoy hearing from readers. For a bookmark and prompt reply, please send a long SASE to 1401 W. Hwy 50, Box 181, Clermont, FL 34711.

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