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What would you do if you woke up to find everyone around you convinced you were someone else? What if that someone else was really a somewhat else, like a dragon in human form? What if those very same people told you that not only were you really a scaly-skinned, fire-breathing, gold-hoarding mythical beast, but were also mated to the baddest ass in all of dragondom?

Yeah, I wouldn't cope with that well, either. I certainly wouldn't deal with all of that as handily as did Ysolde, the heroine of Love in the Time of Dragons, the first book in a series featuring Light Dragons. Ysolde woke up from a six week nap thinking she was a simple mom and apprentice mage, but everyone from the people who sheltered her, to the dread wyvern Baltic, all the way down to the dragon soul buried away deep inside her psyche, pretty much convinced her she was wrong.

Those of you new to my books are probably sitting there scratching your heads and mouthing, "Dragons?" to yourself. I don't blame you. When I first had the idea of creating a series of books that involved dragons in human form, I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. Now, six years after the first dragon book was published, I have numerous dragon septs with politics so detailed, I have to keep notebooks just to follow weyr rules, dragon histories, and of course, dragons being what they are, all of their wars.

Since the dragons inhabit the same Otherworld as my vampires, I get a lot of questions about whether or not I'm ever going to mix the two into one book. I highly doubt that day will ever come simply because both dragons and vamps are very alpha, and I can't imagine one group being subservient to the other. And I shudder at the thought of a book with two alpha males--that's just way too much testosterone for one book to handle.

But back to Ysolde and her problems, and she has many of the little buggers--not only can't she remember anything beyond the last few months, it turns out that the man everyone says she's mated to is a homicidal maniac. Oh joy, right? Well, Ysolde's not one to sit around feeling sorry for herself, and she sets off to determine just what is what.

That's when things get sticky. Because along with everything else, she's been having dreams, visions really, of a time several hundred years in the past, when she was pretty young thing bound to -- you guessed it -- the homicidal maniac. Only he wasn't a maniac, and now Ysolde has to figure out how to save herself, her son, and the homicidal ... er ... the misjudged dragon she's loved for six hundred years, give or take the few hundred years when she wasn't quite herself.

What Jim the demon in Newfoundland dog form, silver and green dragons, a pushy archimage, and bananas have to do with the story is a tale for another day.

Just count your blessings that when you wake up each morning, you don't find out you're wanted by a bunch of bossy dragons for crimes your mate supposedly committed. Because as Ysolde found it, things can go seriously pear-shaped after that.

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