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J.R. Ward

Genre: Vampire, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Lovers and Vampires


"Lover Awakened is about the healing power of love," says J.R. Ward about the latest dark, erotic adventure in her Black Dagger Brotherhood series from Signet Eclipse. The September novel, the third
in the series, follows the successful releases of 2005's Dark Lover and March's Lover Eternal. The series, set in Caldwell, N.Y., revolves around a brood of vampire warriors. "The Brothers are not undead humans but something entirely different," says Ward. "Although parts of these vampires resemble us, they are physiologically and behaviorally different from humans."

In her new book, an aristocratic female is kidnapped and held by the lesser (a group of de-souled human vampire slayers). It's up to brother Zsadist to save her. "The story of their love is a map of extremes, pulling the reader from high to low," explains Ward.

Zsadist is the most savage vamp in the Brotherhood, making this novel the darkest in the series. "He's cold to the core," says Ward. "It is his dark nature that makes his happily-ever-after so incredibly beautiful -- the extremes are captivating. From day one, I knew that Zsadist was the best hero I'd ever met." Two of Z's most intriguing features are his pierced nipples. "I think they're logical considering his affection for pain and his hardcore personality," says Ward.

The author is completely engrossed in her paranormal world. "The Brotherhood books are downloaded like movies to me," she says with a laugh. "I have no idea where they come from; I just write what I see." Right now, she's planning a total of 10 books in the series: one for each of the six brothers (who are not siblings in the traditional sense), and the remaining titles will revolve around characters readers meet along the way. "Other people who have come to me who want out," says Ward. The next installment is March 2007's Lover Revealed --
the tale of homicide detective Butch O'Neal, who's Vishous' roommate, and Marissa, brother Wrath's former mate.

A lawyer and a chief of staff at
a medical center in her previous life, Ward is now a full-time novelist (she also writes as Jessica Bird) who lives in the South with her husband and 18-month-old golden retriever, Jonah. "Novel writing has always been my first love and my greatest passion," she says. "I'm just astounded and so very grateful for all the support readers have given the Brotherhood." -- Cheryl A. Hoahing

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