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Charlotte Featherstone

Book Title: LUST
Genre: Historical Erotic Romance, Erotic Romance, Paranormal

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Author's Message

I come from a long line of storytellers. My father talks about how his grandfather would mesmerize him with stories as they sat before the fire. I have a great-great aunt who was a poet, and I have my own grandmothers to look to when I think of story tellers. I also consider myself one as well. 
Out of all the stories I heard in my childhood, the ones of the Fey stand foremost in my mind. I suppose it was inevitable that one day I would write a story about faeries. I’ve loved them since I was wee, as my grandmother would say.
I’m Canadian by birth, but both my parents are Scottish. My Granny MacAlpine really loved to weave a good tale. I could sit at her kitchen table all night and listen to her stories, and be lulled by her gentle brogue. It was her stories that had the greatest impact on not only my childhood, but my imagination.
My favorite tale was about a woman named Janet and Lord Death (but that’s a story for another time--Seduction and Scandal from HQN books, releasing in July 2011!). Lust, my erotic historical releasing from Spice books, and the first in my Sins and Virtue series stems from all the stories of faeries, and the warnings, too.
When my brothers and I were being naughty, my gran would remind us that the faeries were watching us--it was a warning to behave. Usually we listened. When she tucked us in at bed--and this happened at home, too--and we got out of bed to play, or wander around, we’d hear a sharp warning about how the faeries would come and steal us out of bed for being up when should be asleep. One night I was feeling brave and said that I thought a trip with the fey might be interesting. It was then that my grandmother explained that there were two set of fey--the good ones, and the bad ones.
Already I had the penchant for the dramatic, so naturally I inquired about the "bad ones". The Unseelie. The dark ones. Brooding and mysterious, no one knows where there court is, they only know that lurking there is mischief and darkness, and no one ever returns home. They had the power to ensnare you, to take your thoughts and make them their own. They could command you to do anything, and once they had you, they’d never let go.
I think my gran thought I would be quaking under the bed sheets after that tale, but I wasn’t. I remember thinking of their court and wondering what it would be like. Dark and mysterious intrigued me, and as I got it older, it lured me. I always was a sucker for dark and mysterious, and a touch misunderstood!
In essence what was a cautionary tale of faeries, became a romance for me. And then, one afternoon, while sipping coffee at my kitchen table, I looked out my window, to the forest beyond our fence. It was raining and grey with a layer of misty fog swirling around. It was eerie, yet luring, and I began to think back to those stories, and I found myself smiling over them, and my fascination with faeries.
The smile slowly melted away, replaced by an image of a decadent, opulent and ultra sensual court. Of Unseelie Fey who were darkly beautiful, magical, and bent on seduction. These were the fey that my grandmother, I’m quite certain of, had never thought of! But they are the Unseelie of my mind and fascintation!
Lust is the first book of the Sins and Virtues. It’s historical. It has fantasy elements. It’s sexy and sensual. It’s everything that I’ve always loved in books and movies. And I hope these dark fey lure and seduce you, as much as they did me!

- Charlotte Featherstone

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