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I love reading romance stories as much as I enjoy writing them. Over the years I've read romance novels that have inspired me to the point where I will read that same story over and over again. If anyone were to ask what love story has inspired me the most, I would say Shanna, by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. 

There is just something about Shanna and Ruark’s love that captures my heart, my mind and my soul, so much that I read that story at least once every year. I love how Ruark never gives up on Shanna, even when she is at her worst. By the end of the book you see how the strength of Ruark’s love transforms Shanna into a woman worthy of his love and affection. I’ve never written a story where I didn’t first think of Ruark and Shanna. My goal is to try to capture, in my stories, the essence of what I feel whenever I read Shanna

When I wrote my 100th novel, A Madaris Bride for Christmas, I introduced Lee Madaris and Carly Briggs. Carly is totally different from Shana, she is not a spoiled, selfish and pampered young woman. Unfortunately, Carly has felt the sting of rejection most of her life, even from her own mother. Trust doesn’t come easily for her and she has made a decision to be a loner. No gain and no pain.

When they meet, Lee is immediately taken with Carly and decides she is the woman he wants…for passionate reasons only. Love has nothing to do with it. He’s convinced that kind of marriage can work between two people, and he proposes a marriage of convenience. 

When I think about all the books I’ve written, Lee and Carly’s story ranks as one of my favorites. It pulls at my emotions and if anyone deserves to be loved, it is Carly. Lee has the ability to give Carly the two things she has conditioned herself to do without – love and a family. Somewhere along the way Carly captures Lee’s heart, and just like Ruark did with Shanna, Lee proves that he’s worthy of her affections.

The Madaris family is a big one and Lee’s book is the 20th in the Madaris and Friends series. He wants Carly to meet his family and believes they will love her as much as he does. Will she accept his proposal of a marriage of convenience? Is Lee worth taking a chance on? The person who can change her loner status? And will he be able to protect her when danger comes knocking at the door?

I hope you will pick up a copy of my 100th book, A Madaris Bride for Christmas, and celebrate with me.

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