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Kasey Michaels

Genre: Humorous, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

"'From the sublime to the ridiculous
is but a step.' So said Napoleon upon his return from Russia," quotes bestselling author Kasey Michaels. "In MAGGIE BY THE BOOK, I took the sublime—a well-run romance conference—and stood it on its head, made it ridiculous. Is there some truth in there anywhere? Possibly. Any gathering of over 1,500 people is bound to produce some good, some bad and even some totally awful. Twenty years of conference-going, 20 years of sitting around hotel lounges with good buddies at two in the morning—they have an effect. So I took all those years, bent them left a little and allowed myself to go over the top. As I say in the dedication, if anyone thinks they see themselves in this book (and lordy, who would want to admit to that one!), they aren't really in it—fiction is fiction. But, hey, why can't fiction also be fun?"

mystery novelist Maggie Kelly attends
a romance convention and finds herself on the brink of W.A.R. (aka WE ARE ROMANCE WRITERS group)! Ever
since her characters Alexander Drake, the Viscount Saint Just, and Sterling Balder manifested themselves into real life (and took up residence in
her living room), Maggie's day-to-
day activities have taken a turn for
the bizarre. An amateur sleuth by default, she and Saint Just (who's determined to win first prize in the cover model pageant!) must capture a dangerous prankster who is not only deadly, but also hellbent on ruining everyone's good time!

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