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Being the wife of a military officer, I have
to move at the whim of the Air Force every few years. Our current duty station is Colorado, a state rife with western history. I wanted to write a mining a story and chose Leadville as the town to model Orion after. This way I was able to drive leisurely through the beautiful Rocky Mountains and write it off as research. Just another reason I love writing!

In MAIL-ORDER BRIDE, the best friends of the six-foot-tall heroine are the stars in the heavens. When her alcoholic father dies, Kate Murphy is left with nothing but debts. Choosing to become a mail-order bride, she accepts a proposal from a man in the mining town of Orion, CO. Kate believes its fate since Orion is her favorite constellation, but when she arrives in the bustling town she finds her fianci has been killed in a cave-in.

Penniless, vowing never to marry a miner because of the danger, Kate is determined to earn her stage fare to leave the godforsaken town to follow her dream to study the stars. But the only offers she receives are marriage propositions and saloon workequally distasteful.

Enter Trevelyan, the handsome Cornish mine superintendent who has an infant son named Brynn and a daughter named Annabel Lee, named after Edgar Allan Poes poem. The four-year-old girl hasnt spoken since her mother died giving birth to Brynn. Trev needs a woman to look after his motherless children and has no intention of marrying again for anything less than love. Hed married a woman he wanted but didnt love, and he and his children paid dearly for his mistake. Knowing
Kate has no intention of marrying either, he offers her the position of caring for
his children.

The only caveat is Kates experience with children will fit in a thimble

But Kate accepts the job and soon comes to love Brynn and Annabel Lee. But then her feelings for their smolderingly handsome father ignites into a flaming passion neither can deny. Will Trev make the same mistake with Kate as he did with his wife? Can Kate give up her dream of the heavens for a man of earth?

If you like a story that makes you
laugh and cry, give MAIL-ORDER BRIDE
a chance. I think youll enjoy it!

If youd like an autographed postcard, please send an SASE to me at
P.O. Box 76442, Colorado Springs, CO 80970-6442. You can e-mail me

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