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Oddly enough, writing Sophias story was one of the hardest things
Ive ever had to do. A longtime fan of the military mind, I expected Sophias hero, Major Anthony Wyclyff, to be the easiest character to write. He was. In fact, the was so easy to write, he went ahead and did all sorts of things that I never put in my outline. I suppose I should have expected that from a seasoned campaigner!

Not to be outdone, Sophia forged off in her own direction, becoming more outrageous, more independent upon every page. Though we had seen her
in my last book, Rules for a Lady, as a model of serene consequence, my blonde beauty literally demanded her own book where she could come into her own. Almost before I pressed a single key, Sophia began plotting nefarious ways to get the better of her Major. She used her wits, her furniture, even chickens as weapons!

Who would have thought Id planned it to be a quiet love story set in the country? Apparently not Sophia nor Anthony.

It was all I could do to keep up as MAJOR WYCLYFF'S CAMPAIGN became a wild romp that involved nighttime rituals, an intriguing dawn spent in gaol, and even a lascivious madman!

This, my friends, is why I became a writer. Stories like this reveal themselves to the author, each page becoming a joyous surprise. My husband often found me giggling over my computer and my friends could not believe I spent time researching the niceties of cockfighting. But if MAJOR WYCLYFF'S CAMPAIGN is anything to go by, I shall have a long and happy writing life.I hope all my readers will find it as amusing as I did!

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