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Lisa Plumley

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Author's Message

Sometimes stories come from the funniest placesan overheard comment, an oddball news item, a chance meeting. Mike and Amandas story in MAKING OVER MIKE was the result of a passing thought I had: what if an utterly macho guy found himself unexpectedly in the midst of a frou-frou makeoverand wanted to stick with it, for the sake of the woman he was instantly smitten with? The possibilities grabbed me right away, and I was off and running with my newest romantic comedy.

Heres a sneak peek:

Amanda put her head near the door of the changing room Mike had been assigned. Inside, she heard clothes rustling, things bumping against the wall and muffled swear words.

Everything okay in there? she asked.

Mike grunted in reply.

Is there anything I can get for you?

Yeah. A spoon. To tunnel my way out of here.

Come on. Its not that bad.

Ha! Easy for you to say. Youre not the one with a hundred women out there, all waiting to look at your naked knees.

The spa-goers pressed forward. Dont be shy! coaxed a woman wearing a mud facial mask and a pink belted robe. Show us a little bum, love!

Her suggestion was met with a chorus of catcalled encouragement. Above the din, Mikes voice rose. I am not showing you my bum!

Sheesh. Theyre like a pack of ravening wolves, Mike mumbled from inside, still grumpily sounding as though he were thrashing around in his clothes. With lipstick and Platinum cards and a pack mentality aimed at my bum!

I hope you enjoy Mikes macho makeover. To read a longer excerpt, or to sign up for my reader newsletter, please visit today.

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