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The next time Thane woke up, he found himself in a pale pink room. It took him for a few minutes to realize that he was in a hospital, more than likely, Red Rock Hospital in Sedona, Arizona. To his left was a huge set of windows. Beyond that, he saw the gorgeous spires and buttes of Sedona.

New emotions filtered through him as he gazed upon the red rock country that hed grown up in.

The door to his room cautiously opened. Thane turned. His heart thudded hard in his chest. A young woman, dressed in a pale blue smock and loosely fitting dark blue slacks, a stethoscope around her neck and a chart in her hands, moved quietly into the room. She gave him a shy, hesitant smile.

Thane recognized her at once. It was Paige Black. How had she grown so beautiful? Her eyes were large and damp looking, as if shed been crying earlier. But the look in them welcomed him with undeniable warmth.

Hi, Captain Hamilton. Im Paige Black. I was just coming to check on you to see if you were awake yet. Your mother wanted to know so she could drive over and welcome you home. As his intense gaze moved from her head down to her toes and back up to her face, Paige could feel a burning sensation through her like a fire suddenly out of control. Inwardly, she trembled with joy as well as trepidation.

Thane swallowed convulsively. Paige was more than beautiful. He remembered her in high school and she hadnt been half as pretty as she was now. Her shining ebony hair was drawn back with a large silver and turquoise studded comb. When he saw her dip her head and avoid his eyes, he realized belatedly that Navajos did not like to make eye contactthey felt
it was disrespectful. And hed been staring at her like a starving wolf!

Call me Thane, Paige. Its good to see you again.

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