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In my wildest dreams, I never told myself, I want to write 50, 60 or 70 books. I would have thought anyone thinking of such a thing was crazy because no one had the creative fire and endurance to produce such an amount!

MAN OF PASSION (Silhouette Special Edition) is aptly titled. How symbolic in one way: writing IS my passion. I love to craft an exciting story with a wonderful love relationship warped and wefted through the threads of the plot. Ive been like the ostrich looking at the ground, eating and never raising my head to look around to see how far Ive come.

No one can write a lot of books without loving what they do. It must touch their core, their heart, their reasons for breathing as far as Im concerned. I wake up every day, excited about sitting down at the computer. I can hardly wait to see the movie screen in my head start to move. I get to watch the characters speak, know how they feel, and sit on the edge of my seat as they move into uncharted waters. I feel like a voyeur who has the greatest job in the world. I get to watch and see how things unfold and grow and transform throughout the book.

Thanks to everyone who made Morgans Mercenaries a hit. After writing HEART OF THE WARRIOR, Incas story, as a Silhouette single title (due in August), I pondered what to do next. I had three men in the back of my mind. One thing they had in common was that they were mavericks; theyd broken the mold, paid a heck of a price, and yet, moved on toward their own unique path in life. I approached my editor, Lynda Curnyn, about these rebels with a cause. We decided to title the series MORGAN'S MERCENARIES: MAVERICK HEARTS. Everyone loves a man with a cause no matter how overwhelming the odds against him. The women who love men like this are heroic in their own right, with backbones of steel.

I cant think of anyone better to be in my 50th book than Rafe Antonio. Born into a rich banking family in Brazil, he was expected to take over his fathers empire, but he went into biology instead. Rafe always dreamed of being a forest ranger, in the jungles of the Amazon basin. His father disinherited him. Rafe never regretted his decisionbut the wound was still there, unhealed.

Arianna Worthington, daughter to the Secretary of Defense, was nothing like her powerful father. She was like her artistic mother who died when she was a teenager. Ari tried to be the daughter her father wanted, but she was terribly unhappy. She made a promise to her mother, a world-renowned orchid artist, that she would fulfill her dream, go to the Amazon someday and create a book full of illustrations with them.

Ari becomes the balm for Rafes wound. Rafe becomes the support Ari needs in order to fulfill her mothers dream. In many ways, this book is really about my life on a parallel course. I had wanted to write since I was 13 years old. Everyone said to go into something that would give me security and a pension. Luckily, like Ari, I followed my heart.

I hope youll all come to the RT Convention in November to celebrate with me. My editor Lynda Curnyn and I are going to lift a toast to Silhouettes 20th anniversary.. And speaking of celebrating, next mont my second single title for Silhouette, HEART OF THE WARRIOR, will appear on the front cover of RT. Wow, I cant wait!!

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