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Kelly Hunter

Genre: Current Series Imprints, Harlequin Presents Extra, Series

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Dear Readers:

Sometimes starting a new stand-alone story after coming off a run of writing connected stories feels a little daunting. I have some editorial guidelines to keep in mind (I write for Presents Extra/RIVA) but other than that, clean slate. An all new cast. Where to begin?

Me, I start by tossing a few of my favourite tropes into the hat for consideration. Enemies to lovers story? Love those. Enforced proximity? Big tick. Those two tropes are symbiotic – better together than apart. Setting? A snowbound cabin would work. How about a ski gondola swinging in the sky and stuck in the path of an oncoming snowstorm? Okay. Presumably, they’ll be wearing snow clothes. Ski gear. Mountain outerwear. 

Only my hero isn’t wearing any of that, he’s wearing a suit, and it’s not because he doesn’t know the mountain – he owns the mountain (Presents Extra hero, remember?). No, Cole’s wearing a suit because he’s just buried his father and has come up to the lookout to say goodbye. Jolie’s up there collecting her mother’s possessions from Cole’s father’s cabin. Jolie’s mother having been Cole’s father’s mistress these past dozen years. Their liaison was not a secret. Cole and Jolie have been enemies since childhood because of it. Excellent!

So, back to the issue of appropriate clothing, because Jolie is wearing snow clothes. Ski gear. Mountain outer-ware. Enough to make her appear neuter and neutral to the eyes of a casual observer. Which brings me to my all time favourite romance trope — the heroine disguised as a boy. 

Do I need another trope to be going on with at this point in the story? Probably not. 

Will I be able to do this one full justice within a short contemporary framework? Probably not. 

Am I going to do it anyway?

Oh, yes. 

- Kelly Hunter

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