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Dear Readers:

I’m thrilled to announce the release of The Many Sins of Lord Cameron, the third book in the Highland Pleasures series about the Mackenzie brothers.

Meet the Mackenzies: Hart, Cameron, Mac, and Ian. Four decadent, wealthy, dangerous men—in kilts. Rumors surround them—of tragic violence, of their mistresses, of their dark appetites, of scandals that set Victorian England and Scotland abuzz. Each is a tortured genius, each ready for love and darkly sensual games.

Cameron Mackenzie, the second-oldest brother, has his story told in The Many Sins of Lord Cameron. He had a terrible marriage, his wife dying under suspicious circumstances (people even whisper that Cameron killed her).

His marriage did give him his son, Daniel, now seventeen, whom Cameron loves very much but fears he’s not a good father to. Daniel has pretty much run wild, raised by Cameron and his three brothers, and now Daniel is about to become an adult. Cameron never regrets that he had Daniel, but his tragic marriage has left Cam with a complete mistrust of women and their games.

Enter Ainsley Douglas, lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria, who must retrieve letters that could compromise the queen’s reputation. Said letters are hidden, unfortunately, somewhere in Lord Cameron’s bedchamber. Ainsley has met Cameron before—in the same bedchamber—when she was also trying to help someone out. That previous time, Cameron had let Ainsley, who was married, go.

Now Ainsley is a widow, and Cameron decides that this time, he wants her to stay.

Maybe Ainsley will be the one who changes Cameron’s mind about keeping women at arm’s length.

I had a terrific time writing Cameron and Ainsley’s story. Cameron is a genius with racehorses and keeps the best stables in Scotland or England. To research for that, I immersed myself in the racing season, the Jockey Club, and the world of horses. I learned what horses can be raced where, which races are for which ages of horses (e.g., three-year-olds race certain meets; four-year olds race others), the racing circuit (which races are when), and a bit about track betting.

I also delved into the world of Queen Victoria—I’ve read her biographies, her letters, contemporary observations, and thick tomes about every aspect of Queen Victoria and her reign. I’ve learned much about the queen and Prince Albert, and speculations about Victoria and John Brown, which I got to sprinkle through this book and the next (Hart’s book: The Duke’s Perfect Wife).

Look for a sneak peek at Hart’s story in the back of Cameron’s book, and meet Eleanor Ramsay, the young lady who first jilted Hart, but now is back to ask for his help.

I explored the character of Daniel in The Many Sins of Lord Cameron as well, how he grew up and the kind of man he’s becoming. And yes, I’ll be writing his story too!

- Jennifer Ashley

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