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I like men. No, not just in theory or to look at them or whatever. I like their passions, the things that excite and give meaning to their lives. I dont think there is anything more attractive than watching a man enjoy the moment.

I love listening to my husband shout at the television screen over a football match. Hes been doing it every Monday night for years. So far, no one has stopped the play and answered, but he has a grand time. And what about men who lose themselves to the passion of music? A man who loves to dance gives me goose bumps whether hes in step or not. I also melt when I watch a father patiently instructing his children or an older gent reaching for his wifes hand. The ultimate is meeting a man proud to announce the birth of his first child. Hes conquered the world.

In the third book of my Marriage trilogy, THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT, I play with these kinds of passionate, live-every-minute men.

Shy Anne Burnett signs a marriage contract binding her to Aidan Black, the Earl of Tiebauldand also the man no debutante wants to marry. Dark rumors surround his name, but shes determined to make theirs a marriage in truth.

Lord Tiebauld has earned his title as the Madman of Scotland. He lives at the edge of civilization having the time of his life. Its Annes task to turn him into a husband. So what if he is more than a little eccentric? All men are at one time or the other. Those little eccentricities are often what make them irresistible!

I think you'll zip through THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT from beginning to end and I pray you love every word. Meanwhile, Im busy working away on a new book scheduled for Oct. 01 titled THE WEDDING WAGER. You should meet the men in that book!

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