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Cameos are a challenge to write. I always wonder, what does the reader REALLY want to know?

I thought about the top three questions Im asked:

Q. Do you have an agent?

A. No. I work with great editors,though.

Q. Are the love scenes from experience or are you just making this all up?

A. Is the question actually to find out if Im under-loved (frustrated housewife) or over-experienced (sex kitten disguised as a carpool mom)? Im just an ordinary mom, neighbor, and dogsitter whos having a great time writing. People who ask just to be nosy get the stock answer: My husband is up to seven times a night now! (Tim never even bats an eye when I say this anymore. I think he walks with a little extra spring in his step, though).

Q. How come youve published so many books and arent financially independent?

A. Ill ask my editor and get back to you on that one.

My writing career has been pretty golden since I sold my first book in December 95. Ive met wonderful booksellers and readers who are very enthusiastic and supportive.

Recently, my daughter asked if she could write to a YA author. I said, absolutely! You may never hear from her/him, but this letter is like a vote. If that writer is being considered for a contract or needs an emotional boost, youd be surprised what your letter can do. I still have the first fan letter I ever received on my wallits from Ireland and it gives me daily inspiration. Readers are the greatestthanks for all the support youve sent my way!

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