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Mandalyn Kaye

Genre: Historical Romance

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A Matter of Honor

I have always had a fascination with Zorro. It was the cape that did it for me. So when I set out to write A MATTER OF HONOR, I wanted to re-establish the Zorro myth. I worked very hard to create a story that kept the mystique of the masked hero without reinventing the wheel. I didn't want a story where the heroine can't choose between her staid but dependable husband, and the allure of the mysterious night visitor. I wanted a fresh approach. One of my favorite aspects of the story is the heroine's good-natured humor at the hero's disguise.

In A MATTER OF HONOR, Emmy Green is a warm, intelligent, level-headed spinster. She falls, fast and furious, for the hero, Joss Brickston, but unlike the other women in town, refuses to swoon over the masked Diamond Hawk.

As the story unfolds, Joss (son of K.I.S.S. hero Aiden Brickston from Beyond All Measure), having lost his wife and two children to bandits, has vowed revenge. That promise leads him to Emmy's doorstep, where he gets more than he bargains for. Bringing the men who stole his family to justice could cost him Emmy's love. Helping Joss heal could cost Emmy all she holds dear. Together, they must choose between loyalty and love, honor and hope.

Having written two historicals set in Regency British Isles, I was ready for a change. The Americana setting was especially appealing to me, and, I felt, suited Josh and Emmy perfectly.

Look for Crossed Hearts (Ballantine) in July '97, and SEVEN REASONS WHY, Silhouette Special Edition by my alter-ego Neesa Hart, in September '97. Write to me at 101 E. Holly Avenue, St. 3, Sterling, VA 20164, or e-mail me at

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