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Leigh Greenwood's Cowboys Ride Back Into Town

Romance author Leigh Greenwood has written seven contemporary novels, but he really enjoys writing western historicals. "I like the setting and feel comfortable there," he says.

His fans are happy
with the setting too. They enjoyed his Seven Brides series, then just as hungrily devoured his Cowboys series,
which began in '97 with Jake. The series continued for nine books but, Greenwood says, due to pressure from chain and wholesale buyers, it was stopped short, leaving three Cowboy stories untold. At the requests of his publisher, Dorchester, and those of many fans, Greenwood began a new series, the Night Riders.

But readers barraged Dorchester and Greenwood for the rest of the Cowboys, and this month, they get their wish with The Mavericks, the story of Zeke and Hawk, the two misfits in the Maxwell clan.

Next up in the series is Bret,
due out from Leisure in July '06. Greenwood says he's delighted
to be back in the saddle with the Cowboys and happy that fans made their desires known. "We'll have to see about finishing the Night Riders series later," the onetime RWA president and North Carolina resident adds.

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