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Gina Conkle

Genre: Georgian Period, England, Historical Romance

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What kind of hero do you want?

I mean the man you’re going to spend hours with on the page. Have you ever stopped to wonder what made you try a new author? Or dive into a new romance sub-genre? My book buying decisions hinge a lot on the type of hero described on the back cover, almost as much as the story.


You spend a lot of time with that man. You’re privy to his deepest thoughts and secret conversations. You’re often in the know about deep-seated motives long before others. Could this be a key reason why we read romance? We like getting inside a man’s head and his heart. And then there’s the variety of men.

Sometimes we want an alpha male; sometimes the lone wolf beckons.

But, what about you? What kind of hero have you been reading lately?

I recently took an informal poll on my Facebook page, asking readers what type of hero they want to read. The choices:

1)     Arrogant Alpha

2)     Brilliant Recluse

3)     Wounded Warrior

4)     Debauched Rogue

5)     Brooding Ruffian

To my surprise, more than a few gave “Brilliant Recluse” as their latest reading choice. Most readers love them all (I do!), but in different doses. Popular hero types come and go like hemlines rise and fall in the world of fashion. But, my heart sung a happy tune with the interest in “Brilliant Recluse” simply because my Georgian romance, Meet the Earl at Midnight, features that kind of man.

And the other interesting tidbit I learned from readers? 

We want banter. Lots of it. And why not? The witty back and forth between a man and a woman is foreplay put into words. You feel the sexual tension leap off the page like a duel of thrust and parry. Keeps you glued to your book, forgetting what time your alarm will buzz.

My latest hero, Lord Edward, Earl of Greenwich meets his match in Lydia Montgomery. The brilliant recluse gets his comeuppance from delightful, artistic Lydia. She’s ready to leave her mark on the world, with or without the help of a man. With a start like that, you know you’re in for lots and lots of banter.

The book wrote itself, starting out with a man cloaked head to heel with only a slit of eyes showing. He wore a tricorn hat (so I knew we were somewhere in the 1700s) and before you know it, my brilliant recluse sprang to life. At the moment, “Brilliant Recluse” tops my list of heroes, but an “Arrogant Alpha” and “Brooding Ruffian” (aka Lone Wolf) want my attention next.

What about you? Drop me a line at with your favorite kind of hero. I’d love to know!

-Gina Conkle

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