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Lara Adrian

Genre: Vampire, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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War and Brotherhood


When Tina St. John wanted to move away from her medieval historicals a few years ago, she decided to "switch gears in a big way." Drawing on the dark, contemporary paranormal stories she'd always loved to read, the author, now writing as Lara Adrian, pitched a new paranormal romance series about the Breed, a group of human-alien vampire hybrids.

Adrian says that her fascination with "brothers-in-arms-type stories really solidified with the start of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Until then, my generation didn't really have a war to help define us or make us think about what truly mattered, or what we were willing to stand up for and, in some cases, die for," says the 40-year-old author.

"When my husband and I began sending care packages to the troops overseas in early 2004, it really struck me how courageous these young men and women are. And it humbled me," Adrian says. "I know I am safe because someone much braver than me is out there making sure of it. It's that depth of courage and commitment -- to a belief, a mission and one's brothers-in-arms -- that really speaks to me."

That devotion comes through in her books as members of the Order, a band of hero Breed members, battle the Rogues, evil vamps who are addicted to blood and can't control their thirst. Each book follows another Order member as the war between the Order and Rogues rages on.

In her latest Midnight Breed adventure, Midnight Awakening (Dec., Dell), Teagan
and Elise form an unlikely alliance as they "uncover some buried secrets about the Order's past and come face to face with a very powerful enemy." Adds Adrian, "I think Midnight Awakening might be the most passionate of
the series so far."

-- Faygie Levy

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