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Ruth Glick, writing as Rebecca York, delivers a page-turning blend of chilling suspense and heart-warming, sensual love stories, book after book.
Midnight Caller, her 18th 43 Light Street, is no exception. Intrigue celebrates the Harlequin Jubilee in October with this latest blockbuster, a
combination of nail-biting suspense and out-of-control passion.

Writing about Midnight Caller, Romantic Times reviewer Melinda Helfer advises readers to take a walk on the wild side with Rebecca York in a mind-bending tale of irresistible romance right out of todays headlines.

If you follow her advice, youll find yourself stranded in a
world of shifting reality, betrayal, and heart-stopping suspense combined with a highly-charged sensual relationship between two people who would never have met under ordinary circumstances. Meg Faulkner will do anything to save her brothers life, even make a desperate assault on the armed fortress of the reclusive Glenn Bridgman. But Meg doesnt count on getting caught in a rock slide, losing her memory, and falling under the spell of the man who saves her lifeDr. Bridgman.

Like a modern day beast, scientist Glenn Bridgman is shut away in his castle, the burden of guilt forcing him into a self-imposed isolation as potent as any magic spell. And Meg is the modern-day Beauty (accomplished at rock climbing and marksmanship) determined to rescue him from himself.

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