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Pamela Fryer

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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My favorite kind of story is about the underdog who stands up to the big opponent, whether it is an individual, a group, an agency, or a corporation. I’m a bit of a rabble rouser myself, and like most writers, I put a little of myself into Lily Brent. She’s got a huge battle on her hands, and it’s one I don’t know if I’d have the courage to fight if I were in her shoes. Maybe that’s why I wrote her story. Of course, to even the playing field, I gave her an alpha hero with the necessary skills to back her up — albeit he’s wounded and not quite ready to have her crash into his life like a meteor.

I gave Lily Brent another unique advantage. The Midnight Effect is not only a romantic suspense, it has paranormal elements as well.

After my book was published, one of my non-writer friends looked at me with an incredulous expression and said, “You don’t really believe in psychic phenomenon, do you?” My answer was an unequivocal yes.

Further bewildered, she then asked me, “Have you ever experienced any?”

Well, no. Other than an eerie sensation of déjà vu at Marie Antoinette’s house in Versailles that was so powerful hissing rose in my ears and my skin prickled, I have never seen a ghost, prophesized the future, or moved an object with my thoughts. But that doesn’t mean I can’t believe.

I think as writers, and especially as readers, part of the thrill of a good story is suspending our belief and embracing the incredible. Why else would books like Lord of the Rings, The Stand, and Twilight be so popular? Of course, it’s the writer’s responsibility to present these elements in such a way that readers can suspend their disbelief, but I believe most readers are eager to be carried on that fantastic journey.

I love hearing from readers, and you can find several ways to get in touch, and learn more about my books, on my website.

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