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I'm very grateful for the opportunity to do this author profile, mainly because it gives me a chance to respond to all the nice people who sent me requests (a grocery bag full) for my latest newsletter. I know I promised it in March... and that April has passed...but with any luck at all, you all received it in May.

Part of the reason for my tardiness is that I am back in school again-graduate school this time, working on my Master's degree in History at California State University.

And yet I still manage to write books, and MIDNIGHT RIDER, which is due out in October from Fawcett, is based on a notion I discovered in a turn-of-the-century history book. Wealthy families of the time often tried to forge alliances with royal houses by marrying their daughters to European men with titles. What would happen, I wondered, if the young woman refused to cooperate, and made her social-climbing father look like an idiot in the process? And, perhaps there might be a man of nobility nearby? A cynical, fiery man with a tragic past, withwhom she was desperately in love? What if he needed money to save his ranch? Then, what if the two conspired a marriage of convenience to save her from her father's candidate? Only there are always complications Here's an excerpt:

Eduardo whirled her around again and laughed as her eyes sparkled. "I like your hair that way," he said unexpectedly. "You should wear it down more often."

"At least one of our female guests thinks it's brazen and scandalous," she confided. "Like wearing pants!"

His eyes fell to her long skirts. "You can wear pants when we ride together, if you like, and shock the staff."

She grinned. "Oh, Eduardo, it's going to be such fun being married!"

He was beginning to feel that way himself. It was unexpected. His first marriage had been dull and cold and unfeeling. Consuelo had left him with scars that had never healed. But Bernadette was fiery and outrageous. She appealed to him as other women never had, and her innocence had its own appeal. He was glad that he'd started off right with her. He could never have courted her with false passion or pretended love. It was better to have their feelings for each other out in the open...

Bernadette saw his somber expression and wondered at it. "You aren't having second thoughts?" she asked a little worriedly.

"About marrying you?" He smiled. "Of course not. I was only thinking how wise we are not to pretend love for each other. Honesty is always best."

She agreed but she didn't quite meet his eyes. It wouldn't do to tell him that she was head over heels in love with him and had been for as long as she could remember. He'd find it out one day. And hopefully, by then, he wouldn't mind. He might even learn to love her.

My first Mira novel is also out in December of this year. ONCE IN PARIS deals with politics, Middle Eastern intrigue, the oil business, mercenaries and a heroine who sparkles like champagne. And at Silhouette, I've almost completed a new trilogy of fresh long, tall Texan stories, and books about the Hart boys.

Write to Diana Palmer at: P.O. Box 844, Cornelia, GA 30531. For a copy of the newsletter, please enclose an SASE.

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