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"That the Creator, in His infinite wisdom, has blessed and joined together as one, let no man put asunder."

This familiar yet powerful command following a series of sacred vows, opens my newest historical romance, THE MINISTERS WIFE. It immediately evokes images of a radiant bride and an anxious groom. Each of them has pledged their troth on one of the happiest, most innocent days of their lives: their wedding day. Life, however, will surely test their will and their character as they struggle, whether joyously or painfully, to keep their vows to one another. Not an easy task in any marriage, but when hope fades to disappointment and a woman finds true lovewith another manthat is when she must face and explore the depth of her personal integrity and honor.

It is precisely into this situation I have placed my heroine, Emilee, in THE MINISTERS WIFE. She has spent years rebuilding her life into one of virtue and responsibility, remarkably rewarded with her marriage to the town minister and a new role as the ministers wife. When Jared Burke returns to town, however, Emilee will face the greatest temptation in her life, and is forced to choose between love and the marriage vows she pledged to her husband.

While Fate also has a number of surprises in store for Emilee and Jared as they fall in love, neither of them will be spared the painful but healing journey they must make from the past to the present. It is only when they finally make their choice between love and honor that Fate will intervene and test them further with one last challenge. Its an unexpected opportunity to claim their love for one anotherwith honor that will bless their love for the rest of their days.

THE MINISTERS WIFE also features a special kitten named Troubles, and to celebrate the release of my fifth historical romance, I decided to have a very different giveaway. Since both of my sisters are Beanie Baby collectors (like millions of American women!), they helped me to put together a litter of Beanie Baby kittens with the mamma cat a Ty Pillow Pal named Crystal. We had a great time going Beanie Baby Bopping to collect Prance, Nip, Zip, Chip, Pounce, Snip, and Flip. Theres even a Teenie Beanie Baby Zip in the basketI guess that makes three generations of Beanie Babies! If youd like to enter a drawing to win the litter of Beanie Babies, send an email to me at marked Drawing. Deadline for entries is Sept. 30th, 1998, and Ill announce the winner of the litter on my website: by October 15th. Stop in for a visit at my website for more about THE MINISTERS WIFE. Id love to see you there.


Before Jared could decline or protest, Emilee turned around and opened her chamber door to slip inside. The minute the door closed, she sank back against it and closed her eyes. Once her heart settled down from a wild thumping to a normal rhythm, she listened for the sound of his footsteps as he walked away.

No sound at all beyond her own breathing.

She turned her body and put her ear to the solid wood door. Still nothing more.

Her heart began to beat faster again, and she spread her palms flat against the door. With each shallow breath of air she took, the length of her body pressed against the door, reminding her of the hard planes and solid strength of Jareds body. Her chin began to quiver. Her eyes filled with tears. Her will began to weaken. Please go, she whispered, certain now that the road to damnation, offering every sensual pleasure her sinful body demanded, led only as far as the other side of the door and into Jareds arms.

With a new respect for the power of physical attraction, she also had a glimmer of understanding for her mother and her scandalous behavior. Perhaps she had been weak far more than wicked, an interesting twist in Emilees perceptions of her mothers natureand one that made her tremble even harder.

Footsteps. Jared was walking away, finally, and she heaved a huge sigh of relief. She was safe from him for now. The real test, however, would be how safe she would be for the next few weeks from herself.

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