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To Miss Maylene Treadwells
discomfort, her mother Thisbe, Lady Tremont, speaks to spirits. Thisbe holds discourse with the dearly (and not so dearly) departed and examines the afterlife with an entity known as Max.

This is not the best recommendation
for a young woman entering Londons Marriage Mart. Mama and Max are heavy baggage for a debutante to carry especially after her late father gambled away her dowry. Her mother knows Maylenes loyal, caring nature but despairs that shes already 21 years old and still unmarried.

Siances mightnt be the thing for a
marriage-minded Miss, but they were a
fun way to start my new Regency. Missing heirs, misplaced papers, runaway fiancies, bereaved widows, lumpish lordlings,
lost petseven a cat for those who
complain I like dogs more (I do!). Lady Tremont and Miss Treadwell find everyone who needs finding, including a husband
for Maylene.

Ive always loved Regencies for their wit and wide-open boundaries. Sure, theyre set in a narrow band of time and society, but Regency authors and publishers are anything but narrow-minded. They push the limits. Ive been lucky to have editors at Walker, Fawcett, and now Signet who are willing to take a chance.

Ive always believed my job is to
entertain the reader, and thats how I try
to write. Let me know if I succeeded with

My 25th Regency, A WORTHY WIFE, is due out next year from Signet, as is
a novella for their Grand Regent Hotel anthology. I love e-mail and have pictures of the worlds cutest dog to send back.
E-mail me: bdriftwood,
or write to me c/o Signet Books, 375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014.

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