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Katherine Greyle

New Fave Author Pens Alter Ego

What a thrill it is to see my favorite hero and heroine coming to print! Geoffrey Rathburn and Caroline Woodley from MISS WOODLEY'S EXPERIMENT are eerily similar to my husband and myself. Though I don't have Caroline's scientific bent, she and I both seem to see the world from our own unique perspective. And our poor loves are stuck with the daunting task of keeping us both away from disaster. Like Geoffrey, my husband has often had to look at me and say, 'I promise you, no one but you thinks like that!'

"And no one thinks quite like Caroline as she discovers the delights and disasters that result when her kissing experiment goes awry after trying to expand her education through visual aides.

"In truth, what I love most about their story is how Geoffrey, despite the disasters that beset him from all sides, absolutely adores the unique way Caroline lives her life. He would not have her any other way. And for her part, Caroline at last has someone who is not constantly trying to 'fix' her, and who loves her despite a few teensy weensy mistakes. This, my friends is what romance means to me: two people who love each other not in spite of their oddities, but because of them!"

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