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Valerie Parv

Genre: Harlequin Superromance, Series

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Youve heard the song, Someday My Prince Will Come, but it doesnt mention how many different ways he can turn up. For me, it was in a hardware store in Sydney, Australia. The love of my life was an artist in the advertising department when I joined them as a copywriter. Paul was a confirmed bachelor and former crocodile hunter, with Viking blood and a charming accent. Irresistible, in other words. We married two years later. That were still in love after nearly three decades proves that the love stories in the more than 40 novels Ive penned can happen in real life.

In THE MONARCHS SON, the first book in my new series, The Carramer Crown, heroine Allie Carter meets her prince when a riptide dumps her literally at his feet. Too bad Lorne de Marigny has decreed romance off-limits after his disastrous marriage and loss of his first wife.

Like many women, Allie has been juggling work, home, and family commitments. As a child, she held the family together after her father left them. Now her mother has remarried and her younger sister is independent, so Allie can finally take some time for herself. She resists becoming companion to the princes four-year-old son, as Lorne wants. But shes less able to resist the man himself until, falling afoul of local law, she finds herself bonded to him. Having gained her freedom, she isnt about to lose it to an autocratic monarch, though that may be just what her heart wants to do.

The best part of creating your own kingdom is being able to create any laws you want. Like the one that binds Allie to Lorne until they work out that theyre perfect for each other. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but thats the joy of romance!

Look for THE PRINCES BRIDE-TO-BE (Aug. 00) and THE PRINCESSS PROPOSAL (Sep. 00) from Silhouette. Write to Valerie at

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