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Sarah, dont you know how bad I feel about the pain Ive caused you and Danny? Why else would I have brought you here and hatched this plan to save him?

Zach spread his arms wide and looked down the front of his vest. Why else would I have bought this damned suit?

Silence hung between them for an endless moment. Their gazes were still locked, the tension between them as heavy as the air before a storm.

Without warning, his arms went around her and his mouth came down on hers, hot, hard, insistent. He pulled back then, his breath coming faster.

Sarah chanced a look into his hazel eyes. In them she saw the heart of a good, decent man, and the energy fizzled out of her anger. When they had to part, she would be glad that shed known him.

Finally, he said, Come on. Weve got business to take care of.

She laughed a little. Just so youll know, you look wonderful in that damned suit. Like a cattle baron.

He smiled, self-conscious and boyish, and her heart swelled. Good, Ill need the disguise. Ready to walk into the lions den? he asked.

She took a deep breath and straightened, feeling as if she were indeed going into battle, but he was a brave warrior by her side. She could face the Pembrokes. Yes.

All right, then. Lets go get your son.

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