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Janelle Taylor

Genre: Futuristic, Paranormal Romance, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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Moonbeams and Magic

It was exciting and challenging to create Book IV in my Moondust series, a sequel that stands on its own for those who haven't read the first three sagas. I'm grateful for the letters so many of you sent to me and my publisher requesting the series' continuation. I originally planned only three books, but Starla and Dagan leapt into my head and heart and begged me to let them share their passionate romance and thrilling adventures with you. Naturally, I was helpless to resist their pleas.

Bree-Kayah Saar of the Maffei Galaxy is the third child of Varian and Jana, hero and heroine of the past sagas. Secretly she is working for the ruler of another galaxy: her mission is to infiltrate a band of space pirates who have stolen the most formidable weapons in existence and a supply of awesome crystals called moonbeams. If the weapons and crystals are not recovered or destroyed, the United Federation of Galaxies will face an invincible threat from the villain, Tochar.

Bree-Kayah works to unmask the traitors who are supplying the pirate leader with the information that enables his men to carry off seemingly impossible and daring raids. Using the name of Starla Vedris, she joins the pirate band and begins her difficult task.

When she is ordered to slay the hero, Dagan Latu, Starla cannot bring herself to follow through with the murderous directive, but pretends to do so in order to convince the cosmic buccaneers that she is one of them. She pulls a trick to dupe the other pirates into thinking she completed their orders, when in reality Dagan is able to fully recover.

Tension and suspense build when Dagan adopts a disguise to infiltrate the pirate band and seek revenge on Tochar. Starla is the only one who previously saw his identity and he decides she might be of great assistance to him in many ways.

As Starla is drawn to the intergalactic mercenary, adventurer, and rogue, her assignment and emotions are put in jeopardy. She must keep reminding herself that he is one of her targets-a criminal and a doomed man. But Starla has another secret: she can transform herself into a voluptuous alien female who looks, talks, and behaves nothing like herself! In that form, she seduces the hero to use him as a cover and informant.

They confront perils and conquer many challenges as they become players in a dangerous game of intrigue and eventually yield to forbidden desires. The story is fast-paced, filled with mysteries, and brimming with magic of many kinds. It also has several unexpected and astonishing twists.

If you missed the first three sagas, they are available from your local bookstore or Pinnacle Books: Moondust And Madness, Stardust And Shadows, and Starlight And Splendor. The first two are about Jana and Varian, and the third is about their twin children at age twenty-five.

I love hearing from readers and bookstores. If you'd like a newsletter, bookmark, and a flyer with plot descriptions/covers of my novels, please send an SASE to: Janelle Taylor Newsletter, P.O. Box 211646, Martinez, GA 30917-1646.

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