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Theres something about that house. No matter how often I return, and
no matter how firm I am with myself,
I cant resist finding a way insidewhere I dont belong.

If a house can be alluring, then
7 Mayfair Square is alluring. One of those white stone affairs with four storiesand an attic and basement, I presume. Attics and basements figured largely
in houses built in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, didnt they? At least, in what we read about the
period they do.

Yknow, I think I may belong in that house after all. Now theres a thought that causes a shiver and tightens my scalp. Must be because I dont want to belong. Because if I do, Ive got a huge responsibility to tell the stories, not just of the house, but of some of the people who liveI mean, lived there.

MORE AND MORE is Finch and Latimer Mores story. Theyre sister and brother and live at 7A Mayfair Square. (Obviously, their flat is on the first floor.) Finch is a spinster and expected to remain so. She helps her brother
with his antiques import business. All very well, I suppose, if Latimer More hadnt managed to get himself kidnapped. We shouldnt have heard a peep out of Finch if Latimer had been more careful.

And if Ross, Viscount Kilrood from Number 8 Mayfair Square hadnt been right there, and so familiar with the ways of criminals and such, and if he hadnt felt somewhat responsible for what
happened to Latimer

And if Finch hadnt shared Lord Kilroods passion for ancient glassamong other things

And if Kilrood hadnt accepted Finchs pleano, demandfor help

On the other hand, we might have heard all about Finch, and Ross, Viscount Kilrood regardless, because there are
definitely other elements at work, elements of which they are unaware. We could be really silly and put it all down
to magic. Or flights of fancy. Or there is the matter of Sir Septimus Spivey.

I actually know that Sir Septimus Spivey intended for Kilrood to seduce Finch More. There. Now you know.
Spivey wanted Kilrood to seduce Finch, feel obliged to marry her, and remove both Finch and Latimer from Number 7. You see, Spiveywretched old man that he isdoesnt approve of lodgers in fine houses, lodgers living where only their betters should live.

Doesnt it seem very likely that such a devious, unscrupulous, selfish, pompous creature would use his considerable influence to get his own way? I think so.

Kilrood is a man of the world, a man who pursues quests in foreign lands
and who is, as we read about him, in grave danger of retaliation from villains who cannot afford to let him successfully complete his current mission. Ross is rumored to be a hard man who always puts his career first. This doesnt stop hopeful mamas from pushing their daughters in his path whenever
possible. The Viscount would certainly
be quite the catch.

Finch More lost her fianci, the only man ever likely to offer for her, to the war. She is glad to have been loved,
even if that love is dead. Of course,
at 29, she has accepted her lot as a
spinster forever. Except. Well, there
is no doubt that she is a trifle dotty
even to think about Kilrood as a man,
as a man she wouldnt be adverse to sampling at least a teensy taste of
Regardless, she does think about that.

The most eligible Viscount and the obviously on-the-shelf spinster? Oh,
very unlikely. But what if the most
eligible Viscount happens to be blessed/
cursed with a deep nature that is attracted to the obviously on-the-shelf spinsters intelligence, the honor and loyalty he could never question, and her subtly
sensual air? And what if the obviously
on-the-shelf spinster decides that,
wild an idea as it may be, she would
not rebuff an opportunity to share
certain opportunities with the most
eligible Viscount?

What if? MORE AND MORE, thats what. Fireworks, dazzle, danger, and a love story as poignant as it is passionate.
So, does Sir Septimus Spivey get his own way? I really couldnt say, now,
could I? But you can find out in MORE AND MORE.

You can write to Stella c/o Warner Books, 1271 Sixth Avenue, New York, NY 10020.

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