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Lynn Michaels

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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The worst day of Cydney Parrish's life was the last Monday in October. It began when she woke up at 7:12 AM. Her clock radio should have wakened her at six, but the alarm was set on PM instead of AM…
Ever happened to you? Overslept and run late all day? Broken a heel? Rushed through the grocery store and ended up at checkout with no cash, no checks and no ATM or credit card?

All these things happen to Cydney in the first chapter of MOTHER OF THE BRIDE, my June release from Ballantine/Ivy. Then she goes home and finds her niece Bebe in bed with a boy. But it's okay. They're engaged and Bebe's intended, Aldo, is the nephew of Gus Munroe, the mystery author Cydney idolizes and dreams about—X-rated dreams—almost every night.

She meets Gus when he shows up at her house and catches her practicing what she'll say to him at the wedding by talking to pictures of him cut out of magazines. He thinks she's a nut—adorable but a nut—and Cydney thinks Gus is a jerk. He's totally opposed to Bebe and Aldo getting married.

Boy, I sound mean. How could I do all this to Cydney? Well, that was my plan. Start the story on the worst possible day I could imagine for her—and then make it worse. The fun part was when I got to make it all better. And I made sure Gus got his for arriving unannounced at Cydney's house and behaving like a Victorian patriarch. He gets dropped on a birdbath, trips over a croquet wicket, and just when he thinks he's overcome Cydney's animosity and she's about to fall into his arms, she catches him red-handed trying to sabotagethe wedding…G

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