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Rhys Bowen

Book Title: MURPHY'S LAW
Genre: Historical, Mystery/Suspense/Thriller

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Author's Message

The first time I visited Ellis Island, I was very moved. So many stories, so many hopes and dreams had passed through these doors. I thought of the woman who had arrived with a dozen eggsher only treasure in the worldand the baby with the eye infection, causing her whole family to be rejected and sent back to a country where they no longer had a home. I could feel the emotions swirling so strongly around me, and, being a mystery writer, I looked at those thick walls and dark hallways and found myself thinkingwhat a great place for a murder!

That was when Molly Murphy came into my life. I had been wanting to write about a character who was very different from Constable Evan Evans. Dont get me wrongI love writing about Wales and the people of Llanfair. I hope to keep writing these books forever, or at least until Evan and Bronwyn get safely married! Its just that Constable Evans is so well mannered and mellow.

I was dying to write about a character who doesnt always know when to shut up, with a strong sense of justicesomeone a little more like me. Molly is a feisty, brash Irish immigrant who has to flee for her life from Ireland in 1901. While she is on Ellis Island a horrible murder is committed and all clues point to Molly being involved. Unfortunately, she is instantly attracted to the young police detective who is trying to prove her guilty. What an entry into the United States!

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Excerpt from MURPHY'S LAW

That mouth of yours will get you into big trouble one day.

My mother started saying that as soon as I could talk. It turns out she wasnt far wrong. By the time I was ten my refusal to hold my tongue had almost gotten us thrown out of our cottage. And a week before I turned twenty-three, I was on the run, wanted for murder.

The rhythmic puffing of the engine calmed me back to my senses. I had
no clear memory of getting to the train station, but the pain in my ribs when I tried to breathe and the way I could feel my dress sticking to my back told me I must have run every step of those five miles. About the state of the front of my dress I chose not to think. I pulled
my shawl more tightly around me and glanced at the other people in the compartment. An old farm couple, a young mother with two lively little ones, and a priest. He returned my glance and I looked away hastily, just in case priests could somehow read thoughtsor extract confessions. Wouldnt he be surprised to hear mine right now?

Every time the conductor walked through the train, I was sure he was looking for me. But that was stupid, wasnt it? Justin Hartley was lying dead on my own kitchen floor but nobody would even know he was missing yet.
So I had a few hours to make my escape. This train would take me all
the way to Belfast. And then I probably had just enough money for a boat to England. After that, I couldnt say. Likely as not the police would catch up with me soon enough. It was only a matter of time, but I was going to go on running as long as I could. Ive never been known to give up anything without a good fight.

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