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Patricia Rice Delivers an Utterly MAGICAL Sequel!

In a new sequel to her bestselling Merely Magic, Patricia Rice continues her tantalizing love story of the magical Malcolm women and the logical Ives men with MUST BE MAGIC…

Dustan Ives, a cynical aristocrat accused of killing his wife, is determined to use his innovative agricultural techniques to survive rather than fall back on the decadent society that condemns him. But the
only person who will provide the land he needs for his experiments is a bewitching temptress, Lady Leila Staines, the pampered daughter of a flighty witch.

Much in need of magic but not the kind that comes from a potion, Dustan attempts to resist Leila but finds her charms truly are enchanting.

Of her next historical, Patricia says, "[It] deals with bankrupt inventor Ewen Ives, who must marry to save the village his broken dam has destroyed. His life changes when he meets timid, bookish Felicity Staines (Leila's sister), a psychometrist who is only too anxious to get rid of the dubious gift that prevents her from touching any person or object."

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