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Constance Hall

Genre: Historical Romance

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Im an Anglophile and proud of it. In my prior lifeif there is such a thingI lived in a castle somewhere in England and my heart has always been stuck in the past. I wont complain, thoughliving in Richmond, Virginia, with my husband and two sons and being surrounded by its rich history is almost as good. But not quite.

So I put fingers to keyboard and started to write. How I have envied Jane Austen and the romantic times in which she lived. Even if I had to go back in history vicariously through my heroine, I was going to live in Regency England. If you like gothic romances, then youll enjoy My Darling Duke. Be aware though, that I wrote under the pseudonym Constance Hall, my maiden name, for it seemed to fit the era.

Kelsey Vallarreal enters haunted Stillmore Castle to meet the one man on earth she despises, Edward Noble. The Duke of Salfords dalliance with her stepmother virtually destroyed her father. But Kelsey cant refuse the lucrative commission the duke offers her to repair a valuable fresco.

After the accident that disfigured him, Edward retired to Stillmore, wanting only to be left alone. Then, the moment Kelsey enters his castle, he realizes how lonely his existence has been. Kelsey does not discover the monster that she expected, but a man whose wounds lie deep in his soul. His desire leaves her helpless in his embrace, but can she save him with love?

In MY DASHING EARL, my next historical, Holly Kimble flees America after committing a terrible crime. When she reaches England, she falls in love with John St. John, Earl of Upton, and is drawn into a web of deception, murder and jealousy that rivals her past exploits. John needs Holly in his life, but will his love be strong enough to save her from the gallows?

Please write to me at P.O. Box 25664, Richmond, VA 23260-5664 or e-mail me at: For more info, visit Zebras web site at:

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