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One of the Greatest Civil War Love Stories

There's a tale bigger than Gone with the Wind—just as passionate but more real.

Diane Haeger brings the long, desperate love affair between northern Civil War hero, General William T. Sherman and Southern belle Cecilia Stovall to life in her third fictional biography, MY DEAREST CECILIA.

Through extensive research she has colored in the details of their tale, which begins with a chance meeting during their youths and spans a quarter of a century. The two endure years of separation and longing only to face off on opposing sides during the Civil War.

While Haeger is known as well for her contemporary women's fiction, her roots lay in illustrating the lives and loves of historical figures. Her first book, Courtesan, depicting the life of Diane de Poiters (mistress to the prince of France), won her the Best Historical of 1993. Last year's The Secret Wife of King George IV, earned more writing merits. For more info visit:

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