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Jill Myles

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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My Fair Succubi – a love story about monsters.

You hear writers talking about soundtracks all the time. Some people can write to music all day long, but I have a harder time making the words come when someone’s singing in my ear. That’s not to say that I’m not inspired by music! It’s actually the opposite – for me, each book has a song that means something special to it. An anthem, if you will. And while I can’t listen to this anthem while I write the book, I listen to it ad-nauseum when I’m away from the book to keep my mind ‘there’ in the story.

The anthem for My Fair Succubi was Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. It might seem like a weird selection for a romance novel, but as soon as I heard the song and then watched the video, I was inspired. If you’ve ever listened to this particular song (no matter what you think of Gaga’s meat-dress-wearing antics), it’s kicky and upbeat and fun, but there’s a dark undertone to it. She talks about loving someone that’s bad for you and wanting them even though you know it’s a bad idea. There’s themes of love and revenge, of feeling out of place. And best of all, her entire album has a theme about monsters (both physical and mental).

I thought this was the perfect theme for a book about a normal girl who has become one of the monsters. And that theme carries forward through all of the Succubus Diaries books. What do you do when you’ve become one of the monsters? What do you do when you love someone who you just know is all wrong for you, but you want them anyhow? Is this a bad romance? At that point, do you even care? My main character, Jackie Brighton, has to make some difficult choices in My Fair Succubi. Not only are there monsters aplenty (some hiding in civilized clothing), the story takes a darker turn when Remy succumbs to her demon once more. All of the tough choices and decisions that Jackie has been putting off come to a surface in this book, and she has to make the decisions that will shape her Afterlife.

I think that all of us like to believe that if we’re presented with tough decisions, we’ll do the right thing. But what if it goes against what you really want? Jackie faces this decision, and we’ll see her struggle with the consequences of finally making up her mind…and what it means for her world.

Authors aren’t supposed to have favorite books, but My Fair Succubi is my favorite. It’s really special to me, and I hope you enjoy it (and Jackie’s choices) as well.

- Jill Myles

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