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Jill Jones

Genre: Ghost, Paranormal/Urban Fantasy

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My Lady Caroline

When Lord Byron became an overnight sensation in London, he had his pick of the beautiful women in the glittering court of the Prince Regent and chose for his first "conquest" the lovely, but highly strung and capricious, Lady Caroline Lamb. Their indiscreet affair and Caroline's zany antics set an already scandal-ridden society on its ear. So desperate was she to claim her roving poet, that she swore she would seek him out from beyond her grave.

Which is exactly what she does in my second novel, My Lady Caroline. She convinces a wealthy but naive American heiress, Alison Cunningham, to buy an old house outside London and find Byron's personal memoirs, which will prove to the contrary, that he did love Lady Caroline.

Handsome, roguish antiques dealer Jeremy Ryder is also seeking Byron's memoir, and has situated himself in the old manor house, where he is searching, when Alison buys the property and insists that he leave immediately.

This romp through the madcap love affair of Byron and Caro parallels Alison's and Jeremy's own delightful affair, with some unexpected twists along the way! Just beware... not only will you fall for Jeremy, this little ghost is likely to capture your heart as well.

A tremulous glimmer began to light up the chair next to Jeremy, and Alison drew in her breath sharply.

"No!" she commanded the spirit, but to no avail. Caroline's ghost took her place at the table with a slight giggle.

"Do not worry," it said. "He cannot see me. Look at the flowers he brought you. Just like my dear Byron..."

"I wish you'd stay out of it," Alison replied, and then realized Jeremy thought she was talking to him.

He raised his brows. "Stay out of it? Out of what? The house? Or conversations about its being haunted?"

"I didn't mean that," Alison said, flustered.

"Isn't he the most exquisitely handsome man?" the ghost commented, turning its large eyes on Jeremy. "I have seen him asleep. He wears no clothing to bed. You would do well to learn more about him, my dear. He is, shall we say, more man than I have ever known."

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