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MacKenzie Taylor

Genre: General Contemporary Romance, Contemporary Romance

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Flight of Fancy Leads to First Novel

What happens when one headstrong woman with a big heart collides with one business-minded guy on a mission? Trouble! Just ask MacKenzie Taylor. This brand-new Avon author's first release, MY ONE AND ONLY, was inspired
by a flight from San Francisco to Chicago. MacKenzie wondered what would happen if two people from different cities were flung together by fate and discovered that love is often where they least expected to find it. In a word? Fireworks! "These two characters are the kind every author hopes for," says MacKenzie. "They seize the story by the horns and lead you on a wild ride until the end. Most of the time, I found myself breathless just trying to keep up."

MacKenzie, a professional writer for 10 years, is actually a bit of a vagabond. Her idea of home? A suitcase and an airline ticket. She is currently hard at work traveling about, pursuing a range of hobbies and looking for more stories to come her way.

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