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Christina Skye

Book Title: MY SPY
Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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The Search Is On for Christina Skye's MY SPY

In our December issue, we gave you all the tantalizing scoop on Christina's hot new Navy SEAL romantic comedy, MY SPY, and told you about the luxury Spa getaway readers could win. Last month, we told you about excited readers all over the country checking out their local bookstores as part of Christina's SKYE-WATCH. Finally, the wait is over! MY SPY hits bookstores this month and there's still time to enter the contest. For more information, visit or see the back of the book for details. Until then, enjoy this sneak peek at MY SPY.

Heroes are in our minds right now. Heroes are in our hearts, too. But heroism can take many formssometimes it shines far from battlefields, away from the smoke and din of war. Sometimes the bravest man moves in silence, a quiet protector, guarding all he holds dear.

Sometimes a hero risks his life in the most mundane of places, for an unplanned objective that would fall on no military map or mission assessment.

Like a busload of innocent schoolchildren.

Sam McKade is that kind
of hero.

When he is badly wounded, the Navy sends him to the one place he can be safe and the one woman who can make him whole again. Except that the past has a nasty way of
popping up when we least expect it!


His fingers framed her face, and the brush of his mouth came without warning.

Annie barely heard her own sigh of pleasure. She was already leaning closer, her body restless. After so many days of worry, she couldn't focus on the reasons this was wrong. Her fingers slid to his shirt. Blindly, she tugged at the buttons while he took her mouth again, harder now, his own
need blatant.

Annie closed her eyes. "More," she whispered.

"I want you." Sam's eyes darkened. "Right here and now."

"So why are we still talking?"

"Because we both need to know what we're getting into."

Annie leaned closer. "I won't read anything into this if you won't. Or are you telling me you've changed your mind?"

"Does it feel as if I have?" Sam's arms tightened around her. "I'm just trying to keep things straight, Annie."

"I'm tired of keeping things straight. For once I want to be absolutely reckless." She drew a jerky breath. "This is the part where you're supposed to grab me and jump me, McKade."

"I'm considering it," he said thickly.

"Consider it faster." Was there lightning outside or had she only imagined it?

Sam tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Take a deep breath. That should calm you down."

But Annie didn't want to be calm. She didn't want to think either. Right now not thinking felt wonderful.

She closed her eyes, hyperaware of his leg moving between hers. "Breathing didn't help." She leaned into him, remembering every detail of his body. He had been a slow, powerful lover, and their nights together had left Annie shaken by her sensual response.

Until one morning he had sailed away with no promises and no explanations.

Annie found the button at the top of his jeans. "Done
considering yet?"

He freed her skirt. "I was done two days ago."

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