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THE MYSTERY KISS set out to be a serious story about Fleur, a widow shunned by society and nearly destroyed by a loveless marriage. It was going to be a real tear-jerker, filled with angst. Yeah, right. And then along came Atticus, the middle-aged giant of a man destined to fall in love with Fleur.

How do you contend with a retired legend tamed by love as he discovers his growing passion for a strong, stubborn, but damaged woman? Especially this enormous, comfortable sort of a man. As the complicated but thoroughly good-willed Atticus rose up before me on the computer screen, I fought the good fightand I lost. I couldnt help myself. Atticus roared into Fleurs life, and my book, amidst great gulps of laughter. And then came Celeste, the slightly mad little dressmaker, followed by the mystery of the missing malacca cane, followed by an irrepressible dormouse. Lets face it. I just cant resist the temptation to move away from the serious toward love and laughter.

So, THE MYSTERY KISS came to be the odd mixture of humor and drama that makes everyone, including my editor, constantly refer to me as whimsical. Who needs endless angst, anyway? Angst is depressing. And theres more than enough anger in the world already. THE MYSTERY KISS is a romance. Love ought to be a joyful, compellingly seductive thing. The world around a strong, determined heroine ought to shine with promise. Sowell, I gave in to my natural urges. A little angst, a bit of anger, and plenty of love and laughter.

This book is not just a romp. Nor is it an epic saga. THE MYSTERY KISS is the perfect blend between a Regency and a historical: its true to the traditions and conventions of the Regency but written in the longer format and less restrictive style of historicals.

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