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Kristen Ashley

Genre: General Romantic Suspense, Romantic Suspense

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Dear Reader,

For some, I suspect, the first chapter of Mystery Man is a shocker. How on earth could a woman with any self-respect let something like that happen for a year and a half?

For me, though, that first chapter always makes me smile. Because the concept of Mystery Man was an intriguing one, just as it was risky. And obviously, I knew where it was going.

See, I wanted to explore the concept of a man who shut himself off from everything. A man who controlled his environment with an iron fist. A man who showed no emotion and let no one in. Not only that, but his control was so absolute, he let nothing out either. Not an iota of personality.

Wiped clean.

And, being a Kristen Ashley man, he had to be an over-the-top alpha. So, of course that concept had to start with: How would a man like that get him some?

But, seeing as it’s a romance novel, it had to continue with what kind of woman could break through this steely control. And also, what would trigger the erosion of that barrier he had up.

It was fun to take the ride with Gwen as Hawk exposes himself. Where he works. Who he works with. The crazy place he lives in (as crazy as it is, I still wish it was real and I could stay there…with Hawk, of course). And what’s right there—what tells the story, what Hawk shows Gwen—says it all, yet the heartache behind it remains a mystery.

I love it that the Dream Man series is titled “Dream Man” but it’s actually more. For each dream man, there is his dream woman. It isn’t about the heroine landing her perfect guy, the man she’s longed for her whole life. These books are about couples who find the perfect fit, both hero for heroine but also vice versa.

And Hawk surely finds his perfect fit with Gwen. By the time he’s ready to let Gwen in, she isn’t sure she wants to be there, and Hawk’s a man who likes a challenge. But more, he’s got his own barrier to erode that Gwen has erected, and Gwen’s holding on to her control with an even stronger grip.

I love these two together. I love how they go head to head. The cosmo girl versus the commando.

Hawk needed someone to wake him up and tear him away from the barely-there life he was living and make him take a chance on living again…and loving again.

And Gwen certainly did that.

-Kristen Ashley

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