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Rosanne Bittner

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance

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MYSTIC VISIONS, a hardcover from Forge Books, is the second book in my new series about the Lakota, and it continues the story of Rising Eagle and Buffalo Dreamer, who started their lives together in Book 1, Mystic Dreamers, now available in paperback. For anyone who enjoys reading about the beauty and mysticism of Sioux religion and culture, these books are a must read. The third book, MYSTIC WARRIORS (Spring 01), will take us into the Custer battle, with a climactic and memorable ending.

Many changes in publishing have taken place over the past 20 years that I have been writing, but one thing has not changed. No matter what the trend, no matter what genre is the hot seller each year, I have continued to write about Americas Old West of the 1800s. It is a subject that I have never grown tired of. Apparently, from the reaction I get out of readers, the love I have for my genre comes through in my stories. That love is probably no more apparent than in my two new books.

LOVES BOUNTY is a stark contrast to MYSTIC VISIONS. Its the love story of a bounty hunter and the young girl who hires him. This is the most fun love story Ive ever writtenvery sensual, lots of humor to off-set the tragedy, plenty of romance, lots of good Old West action, a hero to die for, a heroine to admire, and a great ending to warm your hearts. And I fell in love with my hero, Christian Mercyyes, thats right, a bounty hunter named Christian Mercy. Pick up both books for good summer reading!


Star Dancer continued dancing, bashful about approaching Stalking Wolf, and keenly aware of his penetrating gaze. White circles painted around his eyes made him appear more menacing than handsome. He showed no emotion when she twirled in front of him, and Star Dancer wondered if he felt disappointment with her. An air of mystery enshrouded him, and his all-knowing eyes held her gaze in much the same way a wolf or a hawk could sometimes glare right at a personor its prey. Maybe the wolf actually lived in his soul.

She trembled at the power that radiated from Stalking Wolfs very presence, glad it was too dark for him to see how tightly she gripped her blanket.

Then as though sensing her fear after all, Stalking Wolf reached up and grasped one of her hands firmly. She jumped at his touch, for at the same moment, a bolt of lightning cracked through the black sky, accompanied by an instant explosion of thunder.

Women screamed and warriors gasped in surprise. Startled, Star Dancer tried to pull away, but Stalking Wolf tightened his hold.

Look up! he commanded.

Star Dancer slowly followed his gaze, raising her eyes to see only a profusion of stars.

It is a sign, Stalking Wolf told her. There are no clouds, yet you heard thunder and saw lightning.

Others whispered among themselves over the surprising event.

The singing and drumming ceased, and Star Dancers legs felt weak. Then her father asked the drummers to resume their love songs. Feeling obliged, Star Dancer threw her blanket over Stalking Wolf and grudgingly sat down beside him. She waited nervously, still shaking from the ominous clap of thunder and the white lightening. Not sure of what to say, she felt a mixture of dread and curiosity at being so close to such a great warrior. How could she possibly please such a man?

I am Star Dancer, she said quietly. She hunched her shoulders defensively, afraid to let her body touch his. Say what you wish, she added, trying to pretend confidence. That confidence quickly dissipated when Stalking Wolf raised a hand and brushed her cheek, as though to warn her he could touch her any time he wished once she belonged to him.

Thanks to all my fans for their continued support! You can still contact me by mail at: P.O. Box 1044, Coloma,
MI 49038 or via my website:

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