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Elizabeth Scott

Genre: Anthology, Erotic Romance

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Elizabeth Scott's housewives are anything but desperate.

The author of this month's anthology Naughty Housewives (NAL Heat) gives readers more than a glimpse behind the closed doors of couples that have already made it to their happily ever after.

"Erotica is what happens on the other side of the love story," Scott says. "To me, it's extremely romantic to explore erotic issues that would build
a marriage."

Scott, who has been happily married for 30 years, acknowledges that marriage isn't always easy. "There are difficult things that happen in a marriage. There are times when both of you are so stressed and tired there's no time for sex."

But the author believes that sometimes sex and intimacy can help couples through troubled times. "I tried to think of issues that happen in real marriages, and rather than those situations destroying a marriage, I thought, 'What if the parties really explored this deep erotic intimacy?'

"It sounds like a marriage handbook, but that's not what I was meaning to do!" Scott continues. "It was just fun to write."

The three couples in the anthology each face obstacles and find their own sexy solutions. Shelby's husband had a one-night stand, and now she wants to have one of her own. Lori's honeymoon is over, but that won't stop her from trying to start it up again. And when Dani finds her husband's extreme pornography she's not mad -- she's intrigued.

Scott says because her characters already shared intimacy, writing their erotic exploration was easier and more realistic.

"There are certain things about erotica that might actually be scary for a woman to try with a partner she didn't know all that well. You're not going to meet a man in a bar and let him tie you up because that would be stupid," she says. "I think you have to have a really true kind of intimacy to have really kinky stuff happen."

That doesn't sound desperate at all. -- Elissa Petruzzi

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