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Lily Dalton

Genre: Regency Period, England, Historical Romance

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Dear Reader,

I admit it. I’m a fraud. I’ve written a “snowbound” themed historical romance, but being from south Texas the closest I ever get to snowballs are the ones we buy on the side of the road, served up in a Styrofoam cup with colorful, sugar-sweet syrup drizzled on top. For the record, my personal favorite is blue coconut.  

But when my agent e-mailed, asking if I’d be interested in giving a holiday themed book proposal a try, the possibilities started floating through my mind like sparkly snowflakes. Only…outside my window, it was November and the thermometer read a not-so-inspiring 87 degrees. My family and I were also in the midst of packing for a move scheduled for the day after Christmas. So instead of bringing out the garlands, lights and Christmas tree that usually set the tone for a festive season, our house was decked out in half-filled boxes, tape and cleaning supplies.

Plainly stated, I was eyeball deep in a very non-magical reality. It was unseasonably hot and with the move looming, I didn’t have time to write a new book proposal in the abbreviated time frame. To my agent’s e-mail, I clicked reply and typed, “As much as I’d like to, I don’t have the time—“

Yet there were still those snowflakes twirling inside my head, heavier now and clouding my view of the screen. I deleted the words I’d just typed. When had I ever embraced reality? I needed escape. I needed a magical Christmas. Forget Texas! I was going to Regency England, where there would not only be piles of snow and a roaring fireplace, but a handsome Duke, and lots and lots of kissing. To my husband’s dismay, I abandoned my packing duties and instead parked in my shorts, tank top and flip flops. With Bono wailing Christmas on my iPod (“Bay-bee, please come home!”), I immersed into a winter wonderland of my own making.

Who better to torment in miserable, snowbound splendor than a couple who once loved each other deeply, but are now hopelessly estranged? Claxton and Sophia had it all, a seemingly magical courtship and marriage, but a heartbreaking tragedy, and rumors inspired by the Duke’s wicked past have left them shattered. After months apart, the Duke is the last person with whom Sophia wants to be stranded, but Claxton has other ideas. A famed rogue, he knows how rare love is — and he has loved Sophia from the start. Only, for Claxton emotions aren’t easily shared and he’s never been able to tell her. With a winter storm preventing Sophia’s escape, he vows to seduce his way back into her heart. Soon enough, mutual longing gives way to a wild passion that has never died. But as the snow melts and the world threatens to intrude, both of them realize passion alone can’t guarantee the promise of forever. Only love, trust — and a little Christmas magic, will do.

Hope you all enjoy Never Desire a Duke!

Lily Dalton

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