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In my new book, NEVER LOVE A COWBOY, my heroine Emma Malloy is as strong, independent and high-handed as they come. If anyone had told her that she was going to fall in love with Tucker Garrettson, son of her fathers sworn enemy, shed have declared in no uncertain terms: Never!

For Emma is intensely loyal to her father, prosperous rancher Win Malloy, and everyone in Whisper Valley, Montana, knows that there is nothing but bad blood between the Malloys and the Garrettsons. Emma would never have expected to fall in love with the man her father would forbid her to marry. Never would she expect to fall in love with a man who makes her blood boil (as well as sizzle!), and who onceyears agohad the gall to steal a kiss. And never would she be foolish enough to fall in love with a man who is just plain dead set against ever settling down, who vows no woman is ever going to fence him. Why, it would be crazy of her to fall in love with a man like that!

Even a man as handsome, compelling and straight-shooting as Tucker Garrettson.

But in NEVER LOVE A COWBOY, strong, stubborn, saucy Emma, every bit as full of pride and toughness as the irresistibly handsome Tucker Garrettson, meets her match and learns of one of lifes and loves most important lessons: never say never!

This is a story of how love can draw people together, how it can change lives, replace emptiness with happiness and how it can heal. It has tons of romance, passion and an edge of danger.

I had great fun writing about these two very strong and determined people: both of them proud and loyal to their families, raised to despise each other and determined to forget about the sparks that fly whenever they find themselves within two feet of each other. The hero and heroine adore each otherbut would sooner eat cow chips than admit it!


Hed changed a great deal, a very great deal. Gone was the boy with the promise of rough-hewn handsomeness and powerful strength. That promise had been fulfilled in the extraordinary man who stood before her. Even through the darkness of a night lit only by moon and stars, and the feeble light spilling out from the windows of the house, she could see that this man was as sleek and dangerous as a tiger. At six foot four, he was all muscle and brawn, a sinewy, steely cowboy with a pair of shoulders that could have been carved of granite, hair that glinted gold beneath crystal starlight, and an attitude of arrogant cynicism that could only come from hard-living, hard-bitten experience and a hardened soul.

Get outget off my property while youre still in one piece.

He laughed derisively in reply.

You, he said, his eyes so chilly it nearly froze her blood, never should have come back here.

You, Emma deliberately echoed him, better get the hell off my land.

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