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The son of an English earl, Harrison Bainbridge was born to a life of privilege,
but that life did not include love.

He arrives in Texas determined to succeed at any costeven if the price demands that he accept a sassy saloon-keepers daughter as his partner.

Jessye Kane dreams of possessing wealth and independence. But dreams dont come cheap, and she knows that investing her dreamin money in Harrison Bainbridges
cattle venture is riskybut its not the money she worries about losing. Its the fragile remnants of her shattered heart.

Harrison needs more than Jessyes money. He needs her knowledge of cattle and Texas. And the long, lonely nights on a cattle drive make him realize that he needs even more from her.

Jessye is determined to keep the seductive scoundrel at a distanceuntil Harrison is wounded protecting her dream. She will do anything to make him whole again.
Shell even ignore her hearts warnings to NEVER LOVE A COWBOY


Hes right, you know, a deep voice rumbled into the night. You should stay here.

Jessye spun around, her heart thundering. Harrison stood at the edge of the shadows, a silhouette guarded by darkness. His jacket and vest were gone. Several buttons on his white shirt were loosened as though hed been undressing and changed his mind. His black hair and beard framed his face, accentuating his emerald eyes, holding her captive. She swallowed hard. Its going to be a long while before you sleep in a bed again. You ought to be up there enjoying the comforts of a mattress.

A lazy grin spread across his face. I never enjoy being in a bed when Im in it alone.

She chuckled low. And the next words you speak are going to be an invite to join you. Ive served drinks long enough that Ive heard it all, and I know that the sweet talkin stops as soon as the whiskey wears off.

Mine wouldnt.

She laughed. Youre smoother than most, Harry. I have to give you credit for that, and if I had a dollar for every time you invited me to climb those stairs with you, I wouldnt have to go on this cattle drive.

He took a step toward her, effectively closing the distance between them until she felt the warmth of his body battling the cool night air. Why are you going, Jessye? You must realize that traveling alone with men is bound to ruin your reputation.

Ive worked in a saloon all my life. Ive got no reputation to ruin.

From what I hear, the nights on a cattle drive are not only long, but lonely.

Nights in a saloon are just as lonely.

He slowly trailed his finger along the column of her throat. The intense heat surged through her like flames igniting with the promise to consume.

Then come upstairs with me, he murmured in a low seductive voice.

I hope you enjoy NEVER LOVE A COWBOY. Youll have the opportunity to visit once again with Grayson (A ROGUE IN TEXAS) and Kit. Kits story will be released in the near future. You can write me at P.O. Box 250034, Plano, TX 75025-0034 or via
e-mail at Visit my website:

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